Home Purchase Contract Contingencies Made Simple

Posted on: 8 December 2020

The search for a home can be fun, but things get more serious when you make an offer. This offer to purchase a home is a contract and you are entering into a legal agreement to purchase the home. One of the most confusing aspects of a contract is contingencies, so read below for a simple explanation that will make things more clear. What Is a Contingency? Having contingencies in a contract to purchase a home is a good thing. [Read More]

Is A Lakefront Home For You?

Posted on: 28 November 2020

There are some things you should ask yourself before you go out looking at homes. This way, you know you aren't spending time looking at houses that have no chance of being true contenders. One of the many types of homes that are available are waterfront homes, and they have a lot of great things about them. However, just as with any home, they do have some features that will appeal to some and may prove to be a problem for another. [Read More]

3 Expenses to Be Aware of When You're Buying a Luxury Home

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Beginning house-hunting when you're interested in more luxurious homes can come with some questions over whether you'll be able to comfortably afford the home. Instead of being misled by only the listing price of a home, it's best to be patient and see what the expenses will be like after moving in. With the following expenses considered, you can feel a lot better about buying a luxury home and feeling confident about the cost. [Read More]

4 Questions To Ask When Viewing A Home For Sale

Posted on: 27 October 2020

One of the exciting parts of buying a house is attending the viewings that your agent schedules. Your agent can schedule viewings for homes you find on the market, and the agent can attend these with you. You can view as many houses as you want, and you should look until you find the right one. When you find one you like, here are four questions you might want to ask to learn more about the property. [Read More]