3 Ways A Property Management Company Helps Find Good Tenants

Posted on: 1 May 2023

If you have a property that you use to generate rental income, you likely know how important it is to find good tenants. However, actually finding good tenants is harder than it seems. That's why many people hire a property management company — because they take on the task of finding tenants so that you don't have to. Here are some of the ways that they help find tenants for you.

Utilize A Screening Process

A great way to find good tenants is to screen them, but you need to have a screening process in place that covers all your basics. A property management company has plenty of experience with finding tenants and knows exactly what they have to do to ensure that they are going to be great renters. It starts with performing a background check on the applicant and then verifying their employment to make sure that they are making enough money to pay rent. They'll also contact the applicant's references to find out what previous landlords thought of them.

Create Favorable Rental Terms

Everyone is familiar with a year-long lease, but sometimes it takes more than that to attract a good tenant. A property management company knows what tenants consider favorable rental terms to get potential tenants to apply. This can include move-in bonuses, leases that have more flexible terms, or even discounts for signing an extended lease that goes beyond 12 months. Part of creating favorable rental terms means that you must understand the rental market in your area, since other landlords may be offering similar terms that you need to match to stay competitive. 

Advertise In Targeted Ways

Long gone are the days of putting up a "for rent" sign and hoping for the best. Thanks to the Internet and social media, you can target ads toward the type of tenants that you are looking for. This is a technique that you may not understand how to leverage on your own, but a property management company can definitely do it for you. 

For example, targeted ads can be sent to people that are in a specific part of your state. This ensures that ad dollars are not being wasted targeting people that are not going to move to your area. You can also focus on certain demographics, such as a younger demographic that is more likely to rent. If you have a more expensive rental property, you can even target people with a higher average income who can afford to live there.

To learn more, contact a property management service in your area.