Tips to Help You with a Property Home Valuation and Appraisal

Posted on: 28 July 2022

Your home and property have value, which is something you build upon through home maintenance and improvements and allow it to grow over time with the market's increases. When it comes time to utilize your home's value, whether you are going to see or refinance your home mortgage, you will want to have an accurate valuation of your property. Here are some recommendations for you to help with your home valuation process and appraisal.

Do Some Research

As you get closer to completing your home valuation and appraisal, you can start out with some of your own research. By researching the local market around you, you can find out how much homes in the area are valued at, which can tell you how much your home is. Look for homes within a specific range around your property and check into their features, characteristics, age, and condition as you do this research. 

Homes that are similar to yours are going to direct you toward finding your home's correct market value. However, remember that home values are always subject to change based on what the market values do. So, for example, if homes in your area start selling for a bit less than they have been over the past year because mortgage rates have suddenly increased greatly, your home's value is also going to similarly decrease. 

You can also get some expert advice on your home's valuation by talking to a local real estate agent. Professional realtors will have a good understanding of your specific market and can help you compile data to come to your home's true value. They will be able to tap into their property listing database to search for homes recently sold, which is quite accurate in figuring your home's value. 

Hire an Appraiser

After you have done some of your own research, it is always good to back up your figures with a professional appraisal of your property. With a professional appraisal, you will have a certified property valuation for specific purposes, such as for your mortgage underwriters to extend a loan against your home's equity. 

When you need to have a professional valuation of your home, a local commercial real estate appraiser will complete a thorough evaluation of your home. They will go through your home's interior and walk the exterior of the property to compile information regarding the property boundaries, improvements made to the property and land, and also the interior condition and finishes inside your home. Their final report will be thorough and can help you take the next steps for action with your home property and its value.