2 Tips For Buying A Fixer-Upper To Accommodate Your Family

Posted on: 9 November 2021

While looking at property listings with your family, you will find many properties, including foreclosures, new construction, and turnkey homes. Some people may want to buy a turnkey home to move in with their family without needing to do any work. On the other hand, you may be interested in doing work to make sure your home best accommodates your family.

The tricky part is finding a home in good condition but that is missing enough features that you can add them on your own with your family's wants and needs in mind. Paying attention to certain features and qualities while shopping for a home will help you narrow down options.


Prioritizing a basement is worthwhile because you will get a lot of extra square footage. An ideal move is to demand an unfinished basement because you can work on it over time with your family. This will give you ample flexibility, such as turning the basement into an extra living space or adding extra bedrooms to accommodate family growth.

Another option is finding a basement with the potential to add an exterior entrance. This will allow you to turn the space into a dedicated rental or vacation rental. Generating some rental income from the house that you live in can provide you with more financial freedom.

Buying a house with a finished basement means that you will be paying for all the features inside the space. Fortunately, getting an unfinished one often leads to a lower price for a comparable home. The savings can go towards creating the perfect basement for your family.


Demand properties with an attic to gain extra space to work on. Homeowners choose not to convert their attics for all sorts of reasons. As a result, you will find many properties with unfinished and unconverted attics that you can turn into almost anything. An excellent example is buying a house with one less bedroom than you need and turning the attic into a bedroom.

This kind of strategic thinking and decision-making can lead to savings on your house purchase because each bedroom will increase the value of a property. Also, after finding a house that you like, you can ask professionals to figure out how much you would need to convert the attic.

House hunting with this thought process and these tips in mind will help you find a place that you can work on to best accommodate your family. Talk to a real estate agent to find homes for sale in your area.