Insights to Assist You During the Golf Course Home Search Process

Posted on: 26 August 2021

Investing in a golf course home provides you a great place to live and also an unlimited opportunity to participate in your favorite activity whenever you want in addition to socializing with others in the community. But when you shop for a golf course home, take the time to evaluate the specific qualities and features that come along with the property. Here are some recommendations to think about when you are shopping for a home on a golf course.

Consider Home Location

As you start your search for the right home, be sure you evaluate its location with respect to the golf course and the green. Just by looking at the home's photos online and its video tour, you may not get a good understanding of its location in the golf community. 

For this reason, view a map of the golf course with the terrain's details in addition to the lot lines so you can see what areas would be adjacent to the home. For example, is there one of the course's holes right next to your property fence? This can cause excessive noise and golfer traffic near your home, which may disturb you while you are on the property. 

After you view the aerial map view of the property and its relation to the golf course, it is a good idea to also view the property for yourself. Take note of where the golf cart trails are, the location of the fairway, any nearby holes, and also the clubhouse and other public gathering areas that may be nearby the home for sale.

Review HOA Regulations

A golf course home is also likely going to be managed by a Homeowners Association to take care of the shared areas, the golf course, and other community features. So it is important to take time to evaluate the property's deed restrictions, which can regulate how you maintain the home and yard. Your real estate professional can collect a copy of the CC&Rs or deed regulations for you to review before you choose to purchase the home. 

Some types of property restrictions may regulate the color you can paint the home exterior, for example, and even the roof color and material. You may be managed as to the type of trees and vegetation you can plan in the property or if you can install a backyard playset for your children or grandchildren. It is always a good idea to review these before you close on the home to make sure you will be completely happy with your new golf course home purchase.