As An Outdoorsy Family, Look For These Features In A Home

Posted on: 9 March 2021

If your family loves outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and even gardening, then this is something you need to account for when shopping for a home. And this does not just apply to the home's location. Just because a home is near your favorite park or hiking trails does not mean it's the home best suited to your needs. Here are some additional qualities and features to look for in a single-family home for sale when you're an outdoorsy family.

A Mud Room

Most people who have a mudroom don't really use it for muddy things anymore. But this is the purpose for which mudrooms were initially created, and it is probably how you'll use a mudroom as an outdoorsy family. You can put your dirty shoes in there, hang up your wet hiking socks to dry, store your ski poles, and so much more. You will have really benefitted from being able to keep your wet and dirty attire and equipment outside of the rest of your home.

Hard Floors

Even with a mudroom, it's only a matter of time before you accidentally walk inside in your smelly fishing boots or muddy running shoes. If you were to walk across carpet, this would make a mess that was really hard to clean up. So, look for a home with hard floors — at least in the downstairs. Any messes you do make will be so much easier (and cheaper) to clean up. 

A Large Garage and/or Basement

If you're a cyclist, you need a space to work on your bikes. If you're an angler, you need a spot to take apart and reassemble your rods and reels. This spot can either be a big garage, or it can be a basement. You may prefer one or the other, depending on the exact outdoor activities you're involved with and the equipment those activities requires. Look for homes with either a big garage, a spacious basement, or even both, and you're more likely to work on your gear and equipment yourself.

A Big Yard

Even if you do most of your outdoor activities off-site, having a big yard can be a real asset. You can try out your cross-country skis in your own backyard. You can experiment with planting various plants, or you can throw a baseball around with your kids. Being near a park is nice, but buying a home with its own big backyard is even better.

If you come across a house with these features, you can be pretty certain it's a good match for your outdoorsy family's needs. Talk to your real estate agent, and prepare to make an offer.