Confidently Buy a Home With a Realtor After a Job Promotion

Posted on: 22 February 2021

After an important job promotion, you may make a few lifestyle changes to reflect the increase in your income and responsibilities. If a new home is on your mind, it makes sense to see what you should look for with the help of a realtor.  If the job promotion comes with longer work hours and more stress as you adjust to the position, you'll have a pleasant experience buying a home by finding a realtor that understands what you want in a home.

Discuss What Locations Are Ideal

Depending on the location of your new workplace, you may feel drawn to some homes more than others. Having the address of your workplace on hand when meeting with your realtor can help you find neighborhoods that are close by and a simple drive or ride from your home. Discussing the pros and cons of the nearby neighborhoods can help direct you towards a location that will be a suitable match with your job promotion in mind.

Considering the needs of your family can also help you find a neighborhood that won't come with long commutes or difficulty getting around.

Get on the Same Page Over Price

While a promotion could come with an increase in your salary, you need to be realistic about what you can afford to spend on the mortgage and other costs of homeownership. When you meet with a realtor, you need to be upfront about your current living expenses and what you would prefer to pay after moving into a new home.

With this information shared and financing taken care of preemptively, the realtor can search for homes that are going to be a comfortable fit for you.

Plan for Your Future Needs

After being promoted, you likely will stick in the same area for a long time, making a future move unlikely. While you may not be thinking of another move so soon after buying a home, make sure that the home will continue being an ideal match as your family grows and your lifestyle changes.

This could mean prioritizing a large backyard or a certain number of bedrooms, making it ideal to discuss your expectations with the realtor.

Narrowing down all the home listings in the areas you're interested in can be a lot easier when you work with a realtor. Instead of being frustrated with the choices for buying a home with all the responsibilities of a promotion at work, you can find the ideal home with the help of a realtor.