Tips For Finding One-Bedroom Apartments

Posted on: 2 February 2021

If you're trying to plan out your next move, it's important that you get your priorities together. If it's just you, you might be fine moving into a one-bedroom somewhere in your city. The apartment that you end up signing a lease on will depend on your preferences and the current availability in today's renter's market. Use the tips in this article so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Get to know one-bedroom apartment living in your city and weigh your options

Before anything else, make sure that a one-bedroom is what you need. People that live by themselves can find a one-bedroom or a studio that can accommodate them. With a one-bedroom, their sleeping quarters are separate and with a closed door. Studio apartments can have sleeping quarters, but the layout is typically wide open or with a partition. Apartments classified as one-bedrooms typically also have more square footage than a studio apartment.

Think about how much money you're willing to pay, and make sure that it fits your budget. You will usually want to be able to effortless afford three times the rent amount per month. So if the rent is $1,500, you'll need to bring home $4,500 per month or more. Consider the utilities as well, and whether or not you want an apartment that has any utilities included.

Talk to some agents and plan visits for a new one-bedroom

Be sure that you talk to some agents that can help you match with the perfect one-bedroom apartment. Perhaps you want an efficiency apartment, or maybe you'd like a one-bedroom apartment that is a luxury option and located in the busier or more upscale part of town. By booking a private tour and walk-through, you can see the apartment in-person. Opt for a virtual tour first to make sure that you have an idea about the layout and what you can expect from it.

Apply, get approval, and arrange your apartment to make sure it's conducive to your lifestyle

Put in an application for your one-bedroom and pay the application fee. This fee is usually about $30 and will cover the background check and credit check. You should hear back from an apartment community pretty quickly if you have been approved to live there.

Once you sign the lease and get a move-in date, take the time to work with movers so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Set your place up in a way that makes the best use of space. Storing things vertically will be particularly helpful for one-bedroom apartments so that you still have plenty of room for foot traffic.

Use these tips or reach out to a real estate agent for help finding a one-bedroom apartment.