What You Expect To See In A Safe And Secure Condominium

Posted on: 6 February 2020

No one wants to live in an unsecured or dangerous place where they can lose their valuables or get injured at any time. That is why you should look out for these security measures when shopping for a condo.


CCTV (closed circuit television) captures video footage of the goings-on on the property. A good condo should have CCTV cameras installed on strategic parts of the property. CCTV cameras act as a deterrent to criminal activities. You can also use their footage to investigate criminal activities that do occur.

Alarm Systems

A good condo development will also install an alarm system with sensors at every entry point on the property. There should be a sensor on the gate, doors, emergency exits, and windows, among other vulnerable places. The alarm system should be monitored by professional security guards that can take immediate action if necessary.

Access Control

A condominium complex where everyone can get in as they wish is not a secure place. There should be an access control system in place to ensure only those with authority to get into the property can gain access. Secure systems use access cards that contain electronic chips that residents use to gain access to their property instead of using physical keys.

Proper Lighting

If there is one thing thieves hate, it is the risk of getting seen and identified while going through their criminal activities. That is why good condos have security lights installed at strategic places. The lights can either stay on all the time during the night or get connected to sensors (such as motion or heat sensors) that switch on the lights if triggered.

Neat Landscaping

You can tell a secure condo right from its gate. The landscaping should be immaculate, the grass should not be overgrown, and the hedges should be neatly trimmed. A property full of unkempt trees and hedges provides criminals with hiding places. Such degree of unkemptness also signals to criminals that the powers that be don't care about their security.

Security Guards

While technology plays a huge role in property security, human guards still have a role to play in securing buildings. For example, security guards may spot criminals who evade other security measures. Security guards ensure all residents adhere to security measures in place. They also respond to alarms when necessary.

Hopefully, you will get a safe and secure condo that ticks all your boxes. Don't forget to use a real estate agent for the purchase to help you get a good deal.