3 Tips For Securing An Apartment When Signing A Rental From Far Away

Posted on: 16 January 2020

Renting an apartment in an area you don't live yet can be overwhelming, especially if it's not possible for you to view apartments in person. Instead of struggling to find an apartment and feeling worried about potential scams, it's important for you to be ready to narrow down apartments and secure a place you'll like.

Keep the following tips in mind to avoid scams and sign an apartment lease that's perfect for you.

Find a Representative to See the Unit

After finding an apartment listing online that you're interested in, it's a good idea to find someone that can visit the unit in person. Signing a lease without having any eyes on the unit can lead to it being different than what's listed or having issues that simply don't show in photographs.

Whether this means finding a realtor that works with apartment rentals or having a friend or coworker check out the unit, this can make a big difference in learning more about the apartment unit and whether it's a good match.

Pay Attention to the Background Check

Paying for a background check is a necessary part of renting an apartment, but it's important that you look into exactly how much it should cost and how you'll be forwarding the money. Looking into the city you're moving into and any requirements they have for background checks and making sure that all the documents look legitimate can help a lot with avoiding potential scams.

Making sure that the price seems reasonable for the background check, typically under $50 per person, can also help you feel more secure about sending money.

Avoid Anything Too Good to Be True

When you have a certain size or amenities in mind when checking out apartments, you may be shocked to find an apartment that's listed a lot lower than you would expect. While it can be tempting to jump on the apartment listing right away and put in an application, it's best to be realistic. In many cases, listings that are much cheaper than the market average could be fake listings and a cause of concern.

As you get ready to find the perfect apartment, you'll want to be careful to choose an apartment that is priced fairly and is going to be a good match. Knowing what to avoid in terms of potential scams and keeping some of the above tips in mind can help increase the odds that you'll be able to put in an application for a great rental.

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