Walkability And Solitude Are Two Important Factors To Consider When Searching For The Perfect New Home

Posted on: 11 January 2020

There are advantages to buying new homes over homes that are decades old, especially if you want a home that's move-in ready and doesn't need any updating. One benefit of buying a new home is you can often buy into a community of other new homes so all your neighbors live in comparable houses. Still, you'll want to find a home that has the features you want for your individual lifestyle and for your preferences for city or suburban living. You may want to think about walk-ability and degree of solitude in your new home community.


Walk-ability may play a big part in your search for a new home. If you like to live close to shops, restaurants, and recreational activities, then you may not like living off in a suburb where you have to drive a distance to do anything. Being able to walk to the store is convenient and provides you with an easy opportunity to exercise. Being close to everything you need or at least close to public transportation might even mean you can go without having to own a car.

If you buy into the right new home community, walk-ability may be factored into the community plan. There might be a grocery store and other shops located on community grounds for use by you and your neighbors. The community may even be near the heart of the city rather than in a suburb. If walk-ability is important, you can find a home's walk-ability score on various websites and learn what businesses are within walking distance.


On the other hand, you may prefer solitude, but you're not ready for life in the country. You might like having neighbors fairly close, but you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and busy roads. It may be difficult finding solitude in a city, but if a new home community is planned right, you can enjoy peace and quiet once you pull into your driveway. Lush grounds, tranquil ponds, walking trails, and large lots can give you the feeling of solitude you want after a hectic day at work or shopping in the city.

When you shop for a new home, look for major noise sources nearby, such as an airport, factory, school, or major road. If the community is near a noisy area, visit at different times to get an idea of the noise level you'd have to live with. If the community was built with sound exclusion in mind, the interior of the community itself may be peaceful even if it's in the heart of a busy area.

Let your real estate agent know your preferences when it comes to the type of new home community or neighborhood you want to live in. Finding the right neighborhood is just as important as finding the perfect home. Your goal when house hunting should be to find both the ideal home and community for the lifestyle you want.