How Much Event Security Is Enough?

Posted on: 30 December 2019

The idea that you may require event security services at a function, concert, party, ceremony, festival, or other gathering seems pretty sensible. Among the challenges that organizers often face when thinking about event security, though, is figuring out just how much should be present and how might they be best utilized. Let's take a look at what security should be doing at your event and how you might arrive at the right size for your team.

Protecting Guests

It's easy to draw a line from security to stopping fights and disputes among guests, looking at security as not much different than bar bouncers. Event security professionals, however, frequently end up being the frontline people who deal with lost kids, injured guests who require medical attention, and other emergencies. They also make sure that unauthorized individuals can't get in and out of the venue, and they may be responsible for setting up temporary fencing to control access.

Protecting Property

The second tier of concerns for most organizers is protecting property. If there are sales at the event, this may extend to preventing theft and even detaining people until the police can arrive. It's a good idea to make sure your event security services provider is legally allowed to handle such work in your region before assigning such duties.

Escorting VIPs

Depending upon the nature of your event, you may also need to assign event security staff to escort VIPs, such as performers and guest speakers. This generally represents a higher level of diligence than protecting a crowd, and you should budget your staff accordingly. Requirements will vary based on the security needs of the VIP, but you should assume that at least two staff members will be needed to escort each VIP. Bear in mind that you'll need staff up if you're going to have multiple VIPs present at the same time, even if most of them are just waiting for their turn.

Coming Up with a Number

A general rule of thumb is that basic events require one security person for every 100 expected attendees when the crowd is at its peak size. If you expect 500 people in the morning but 2,000 in the evening, for example, you should budget for 20 security staff members. Add 50% more security if you're concerned about risky crowds or situations. Likewise, double your staff if there will be alcohol or other controlled substances at the event.

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