5 Steps To Create A Property Listing That Sells

Posted on: 24 September 2019

Your property's listing is the gateway to prospective buyers. This means that the listing is vitally important to capturing the right attention. What can you do to ensure that your listing says what you want and appeals to the right buyers? Here are five things to do.

1. Use Social Media. Increasingly, buyers start shopping the way they do many other things: through social media. Advertise your home listing through these diverse mediums in addition to traditional real estate sites. The more exposure you get away from the crowd, the more likely you are to stand out in a good way.

2. Avoid Code Words. If the property has any flaws that might undermine your case, the temptation is to use euphemisms as descriptions to cover those flaws. But today's savvy buyer knows the codes too. They know that describing a house as "cozy" really tends to mean "small." Instead, you could choose to focus on how perfect this smaller home would be for a young couple or individual who doesn't want to care for a sprawling home.

3. Be Kindly Accurate. Misleading your potential customers won't ingratiate you to them, so don't try to hide the true condition of the home. If it's a fixer-upper, let customers know that. But, also point out that this is a opportunity to remake the home to suit their own lifestyle. There are people looking for just about anything, so as long as you are reasonably honest about the home's condition and features and price it accordingly, you can still find the right buyers. 

4. Use Proper Grammar. When actually writing the listing, be sure to use appropriate writing style. Create proper sentences, use capitalization where needed (and avoid it unnecessarily), and spell words correctly. Avoid adding exclamation marks to everything, or you risk them losing all meaning. Make your listing easy to scan and understand.

5. Include Good Photographs. The photos attached to your description are as important as the words. Take the time to stage rooms and pick the best time of day to show the home in its best light. Make sure pictures are clear and focused. Show rooms from multiple flattering angles. Include the best features in each space. If in doubt of your own skill, ask a friend who takes good photos to help you out.

If you spend the time to create a great listing, your property is sure to be snapped up quickly and for a good price. And that's the ultimate goal for any homeowner looking to move forward.