3 Things Your Agent May Recommend Before You List Your Home

Posted on: 8 August 2019

A good way to find out how to list your home for sale and what you should do prior to listing it is by meeting with a real estate agent. A real estate agent from your area that has experience will be able to offer valuable information and tips to you that can help you a lot in the process of selling a home. When you initially meet with the agent, here are three things he or she may recommend that you do before you list the house.

A pre-listing inspection

An inspection of a home that is completed before listing it is referred to as a pre-listing inspection. This type of inspection is not always needed for homeowners that want to sell, but it can come in very handy in certain situations. If, for example, your home is older and needs some updates, getting a pre-listing inspection would be a great way for you to find out if the house has any big issues with it that you should know about before you sell it. Additionally, a pre-listing inspection could come in handy to prove to buyers that your home does not have anything wrong with it, even though it may have some cosmetic issues. You will have to spend a bit for this inspection, but it would be worthwhile to do this if your agent recommends it.

An appraisal

Your agent might also suggest getting the house appraised, simply to have a documented report of what the current value of the house is. Most agents will complete a comparative market analysis (CMA) for the seller of a house to help determine the home's value, but an appraisal is always more accurate than a CMA.

Modifications to parts of your house

The agent will also want to take a deep look at your house, which means you will need to show the agent every room in the house. After looking at your home, the agent will probably suggest making some improvements to certain areas. Some of these improvements might only involve decluttering and cleaning certain parts of your home, while others might require some money and work to make the areas look nicer.

Taking the advice of a real estate agent is important, as agents know real estate. If you would like to sell your house and need assistance to do so, contact an agent of your choice today.