3 Ways a Property Management Company Can Help You Run Your Properties

Posted on: 27 June 2019

Managing a rental property can be a difficult job, and the responsibilities only grow as the properties become larger or you expand to multiple properties. Many rental owners try to handle everything on their own, but this can both hurt your bottom line and lead to more negative experiences for your tenants. Bringing in help to manage your properties is one of the best ways to make sure that your rental business stays profitable and you don't fall victim to overwork. Property management companies offer a variety of services to help you run your business.

Help Fill Vacancies

Many property owners believe that a management company's job begins once a rental unit is filled, but most companies can help you to market your properties and make sure that vacancies do not exist for long. Management companies are experienced in marketing a variety of different types of properties, and they can help you to make sure that your specific rental units are advertised to the right type of potential renter. Additionally, they will usually have ties with local real estate companies that can provide you another avenue for getting tenants into your empty units.

This assistance extends beyond just advertising, however. The company you hire can also take care of pre-screening, interviews, and even leasing requirements. If you are renting a number of properties or a single property with a large number of units, this type of support can be invaluable. Agents from the management company can handle the details of getting each tenant set up in their new home, freeing you to deal with the many other responsibilities of being a rental owner.

Manage Day-to-Day Operations

If you've been renting properties for long, then you know that rental units are never "fire and forget." In a perfect world, a rental unit would simply be a consistent source of revenue with little need for management, but the reality is never this nice. Instead, there are always a variety of tasks that need to be completed on any given day ranging from routine rent collections to less routine eviction notices or late payment warnings. Things can get even more difficult when dealing with tenants who are in violation of their leases or who are delinquent on multiple months of payment.

Luckily, most management companies are experienced in dealing with these exact types of issues. The company you hire can help to ensure that these day-to-day operations proceed smoothly and legally.

Cover Routine and Less-Than-Routine Maintenance

No property is perfect, and every property requires regular maintenance from time to time. It can be difficult to keep track of maintenance schedules and manage routine inspections. This is compounded by the fact that many municipalities mandate various health and safety inspections as well. Your property manager can help to schedule and keep track of all of these basic inspections. Additionally, they can monitor the state of the property to inform of you any necessary repairs, alerting you to problems before they affect your tenants.

Ultimately, the cost of a property manager is more than made up for by their utility. By choosing the right property management company to help with your rental business, you can potentially increase your revenue and keep your tenants happier than ever. Start comparing your options by contacting services such as NRB Property Management.