3 Ways to Save Money on Vacations

Posted on: 5 June 2019

Whether you have a large family or a small family or you live on your own, one thing is for sure: life can be costly. In addition to taking care of you and your family's everyday needs, there are other things that are fun to do as a family, like travel. However, it is not always feasible for families who are on tight budgets. Luckily, with careful planning, there are a few ways that you can save money and take your family on vacation. But how? Read on to learn some more. 

Get a Timeshare

Hotels are expensive, especially when you have a lot of kids. Luckily, with a timeshare, you can actually save a lot of money on hotels. Timeshares like Marriott Destination Points work by allowing you to stay at the same spot every year (or a few times a year) for the same price. One of the things that a lot of people like about timeshares is that you usually get a condo with a few bedrooms and a kitchen, which is great when you have kids. Plus, this price usually isn't paid as a lump sum; instead, you pay a small fee every month towards it. When you don't have to pay a large chunk of money up front, traveling can be a more affordable option for your family. 

Eat In

Spending money on flights and hotels is a lot of money, but paying for all of the meals when you're eating out can quickly add up. Try getting a timeshare that has a kitchen in it, and cook a lot of your meals while you're there. Cooking won't just make things more affordable, but when you cook your food, it's also easier to choose healthier meals that the whole family will enjoy. And, if you have little kids, you can make their favorite meals to make them feel more at home while you're out of town. 

Use Your Sky Miles

Sky miles have been around for decades, and there are tons of options out there, so you should try to find a credit card that gives you points towards flights. Then, make sure that you buy your flights at the right time with your miles so that you save as much money as possible. Typically, people save money when they book their flights far in advance. 

Use these tips to treat yourself and your family to a nice vacation without going broke.