Attending Open Houses When Shopping for a House

Posted on: 10 May 2019

While you do not have to go to open houses when shopping for a home, it can be a beneficial step to take. Open houses are held for homes that are for sale, and you may encounter a variety of different types of homes, different price ranges, and different qualities. As you visit open houses, there are several things you should keep in mind.

You Should be Open about Your Real Estate Agent

As a buyer, you can hire your own real estate agent to help you buy a house, and if you do this, you should make sure you are clear about this when visiting open houses. An open house will often be run by the listing agent for the house. If this agent does not know you already have an agent helping you, the agent might think that he or she will be your agent. This could create confusion and problems, so be upfront if an agent is making that assumption.

Open Houses Help You See What Prices Are Like

One of the reasons to visit open houses when shopping for a home is to see what the prices of homes are. You might find open houses for homes that are very low in price and for homes that are expensive. As you look at different homes, you will get a good idea of what homes cost and what you can expect to find in a home with the budget that you have. This is one of the best ways to set realistic expectations in the home-buying process, and you are free to attend as many open houses as you would like.

You Should Look but Not Snoop

One other thing to know is that there is etiquette to follow when attending open houses, especially if the open houses are for homes that currently have people living in them. If the home is new construction, there are fewer rules to follow. One good rule of thumb is to ask if you should take your shoes off when entering, simply to be polite. Secondly, do not use the bathrooms in the homes. Always aim to go before you visit an open house so you can avoid needing to go while you are there. Third, feel free to look around, but avoid snooping. Snooping inside drawers or medicine cabinets is never a good idea if people live in the homes you are viewing; however, you can look inside things like this if no one lives in the house.

If you have questions about upcoming open houses or homes for sale, begin by contacting a real estate agent in your city.