3 Cool Perks Of Owning Waterfront Property

Posted on: 28 March 2019

When your house is situated next to a lake or ocean, you and your family may enjoy the sounds of waves lapping against the sand and people enjoying fun in the sun. However, there are other advantages of owning waterfront home other than the incredible views and vacation atmosphere. Here are three cool perks of owning waterfront property. 

1. Great Activities Close to Home

Forget about having to head into town for a great night away. When you live next to waterfront property, you can enjoy everything from nighttime bonfires on the beach to long walks in the sand at sunset. 

During the day, you and your family can enjoy a long list of activities, ranging from building sandcastles and looking for shells to kayaking, canoeing, and body boarding. Additionally, depending on where you live, you may be able to find great seafood restaurants, gift shops, and street artist stands near your home, making it easy to get out and see or try something new. 

2. Easier Nightly Rentals

Since waterfront property is so fun and interesting, you won't have any problem renting out your home when you are away. If you buy a waterfront home as a second home, you may even be able to rent out the home the majority of the year, giving you a great source of supplemental income without a lot of extra work. 

Before you purchase waterfront property to use as a rental, make sure the homeowner's associations in the area and city regulations allow nightly rentals. Talk with potential neighbors about their experiences renting, and whether or not they find the process worth the effort. 

3. Strong Market Value

Even if you aren't keen on the rental idea, waterfront property continues to be a great investment in the real estate market. With gorgeous views and a relaxing atmosphere, many people add waterfront property to their real estate portfolio for the sole purpose of profiting off of the sale in the future. 

If you are in the market for a piece of waterfront property all your own, talk with a real estate agent to ask about things like market appreciation and availability. In addition to looking over your budget, be prepared with your list of must-have items so a real estate agent, like those at Ruspini Realty, can narrow down available properties. By knowing what you are looking for and working with a professional, you can find a home or vacation house you are proud to call your own.