5 Luxury Amenities That Can Make Your Home Sell Faster

Posted on: 26 June 2018

If you want your home to sell quickly and for top dollar, then you might want to think about adding some upgraded amenities to the home. Luxury amenities can attract a whole new range of buyers, and they can make your home stand out from the crowd as well. So, what amenities should you add? Here are five great options.

A Fireplace

A gas fireplace is the perfect luxury option to add if the home has a spacious, lovely living room that needs a focal point. Gas fireplaces are a lot cleaner than wood; there are no ashes or sparks to worry about. They can also be vented out a single PVC tube, much like a furnace would be, which makes installation easy. Surround the fireplace with brick or stone for an attractive, unified look.

Built-In Shelving

Adding a built-in shelving unit to the master bedroom is another great option for setting your home apart. A few open shelves, a set of drawers, and maybe even a cupboard or two built into the wall reduce the need for bedroom furniture, so the bedroom can be decorated in a more sleek fashion. The shelving can be the same color as the wall, or you can have it made from natural wood so it really stands out.

A Hot Tub

If you have a little more money to put into the home, consider adding a hot tub to the patio. It transforms the patio into an instant hangout spot. Plus, since it is outside, potential buyers will notice it before they even come inside the home, and it will make them envy your home from the very beginning.

A WiFi-Enabled Thermostat

If your home still just has a standard, programmable thermostat, have your HVAC company come change it over to a WiFi-enabled thermostat. This allows you to control the temperature of the home remotely, which potential buyers will see as a real asset.

A Built-In Bar

Another option is to build a bar into the basement or dining room. A gorgeous wood bar built into one of the walls, perhaps with a mini-fridge mounted below it, is a great selling point for any home. You can even display some glasses and bar equipment around it when you show the home.

If you add any of the luxury amenities above to your luxury single family home, you will instantly make the space more appealing to potential buyers.