3 Things To Know Before Looking To Buy A Foreclosed Home

Posted on: 26 June 2018

Unfortunately, buyers sometimes get themselves into sticky financial situations and can no longer afford their mortgage. In these situations, the house gets foreclosed on by the bank and the property goes back up for sale pretty quickly so the lender can recoup their losses. If you are looking to get your hands on a piece of luxury property for a lower price, buying a foreclosed property can mean a multi-thousand dollar difference in your end price. However, buying foreclosed properties does not come without some differences. Here is a short list of things you should know before buying a foreclosed property. 

You have to be ready to buy quickly. 

Foreclosed properties often go live on the real estate market for crazy low prices. The lender who owns the deed to the home is most interested in getting back the money they lost on the home because the prior owner did not make their payments, so they will usually sell the house that has been foreclosed lower than market value. This means property listings garner interest fast and can sell right away. To have time to actually get a fair chance, it is best if you already have a plan for financing in place before you even start looking for homes to buy. 

You have to be willing to overlook small flaws. 

When ownership of a property goes back to the lender because the property has been foreclosed, the lender is likely going to list that property as soon as possible. They won't be taking time to fix up small imperfections and polish up flaws just to garner a higher listing price. If you are considering buying a foreclosed property, don't be surprised if there are certain problems you will have to overlook during the shopping phase. 

You will likely be given the chance to make only one offer. 

Foreclosed homes will have a fixed asking price, but if another buyer puts forth a bigger offer than you, don't be surprised if you lose out without the chance to submit a second offer to the owner. Therefore, make sure you know just how much you are willing to give for a foreclosed property and submit an offer that is as high as you are comfortable with right off the bat. It is better to do that than lose out because several other people offered a more attractive sum for the property and you thought you'd get the chance to negotiate. 

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