Why Video Verification Is Good For Your Building Company

Posted on: 23 June 2018

Building companies have a variety of materials on hand at all times that must be protected from burglars. While it might not seem obvious, these areas are often a problematic spot that gets robbed. The reason they are robbed is simple. They rarely have security systems and, if they do, they may be basic or easy to work around.

However, a growing number of these facilities are integrating video verification as a security measure. This type of system focuses on using actual video coverage to verify whether somebody is breaking into your facility or if they are simply just walking by and can also protect you from:

  • Theft – Video verification can spot a person breaking into your lumber storage area and spot where they are headed.
  • Vandalism – This process can catch somebody who may be spray painting or performing other destructive acts on your property.
  • Spot Petty Theft – See when people are trying to steal minor items in your store and make sure that they are on camera doing it.

It can also improve your security for those days when you aren't around and people are trying to sneak in and BS their way into the back room. For example, hiring a security guard and paring them with video verification ensures that they can check anyone who wants to come to your facility, claiming that they are a material inspector or something else.

Just as importantly, they can also double-check any security issues that might trigger off of motion sensors. Sometimes, these sensors can go off when animals walk by or may be set off by somebody walking by the front of your facility. With video verification, you can ensure that somebody is committing a crime and then alert the proper authorities.

Setting up a video verification system is relatively easy, though many business owners are still unaware of it. They require central monitoring stations that security guards watch while your business is open and closed. From here, they can track all of the security problems that can occur, even at a small building facility.

And while it might seem excessive, it won't seem that way after somebody breaks past your fence and steals thousands of dollars in lumber, tools, and even plumbing equipment. People who are desperate enough to steal these kinds of building materials will find a way to get around it if you don't have the proper security systems. So don't hesitate to get video verification for your facility.