What To Consider Before Buying A Home To Avoid Buyers Remorse

Posted on: 23 June 2018

When you set out to buy a property, you imagine that you are going to be able to quickly and easily find the home of your dreams and that you will live happily ever after in it. However, all too often, there are people experiencing buyers remorse and that is not something you want to deal with. To help make sure you are not going to deal with that, you will need to consider the following things before agreeing to a purchase.

The Additional Yearly Expense

The sale price could be the deal of a lifetime and right within your budget. However, the property taxes and the average cost of the homeowners insurance for that property could be more than you can handle. This is why it is important to ask your real estate agent to find out how much those additional yearly expenses are so you can determine if it is something that you can afford without struggling. Far too many people lose their dream homes due to sheriff sales that take place because of unpaid property taxes.

The Zoning For That Home

This is especially important if you currently have a business that you plan to run out of your home, or if you at least want the option should you decide to go for it in the future. The thing is though, even if you are the property owner, many towns and cities have restrictions regarding any businesses that are ran out of the home. You will need to check with the local town authority office, or have your agent do it for you. Find out if the home is possibly already zoned for commercial and residential, which would be bonus. If it isn't, you can ask about its status and ask to have zoning changed if you bought the home and wanted to open a business on the property.

The Nearest Creek

Some people find that a free flowing creek running through their backyard or really close by to be a benefit of the home. While it is true that it can be a lovely sight to see and a relaxing sound to hear, you will need to consider the possibility of flood damage. Creeks can quickly grow in size and strength during major rainfall and this can cause neighboring homes to end up with flooded yards and basements. This can be a costly expense to deal with, especially if it happens often.

With those points in mind, as well as any others you think of along the way, you will be able to have a much easier time finding your dream home. To learn more, visit ERA Kings Bay Realty.