Worried About Bed Bugs? Helpful Strategies To Protect Your Home And Family

Posted on: 20 June 2018

Bed bugs are currently one of the fastest growing pest problems in the United States. In fact, the problem has become so serious that some attorneys are now specializing in helping clients who have suffered in some manner due to coming into contact with bed bugs while renting an apartment or other space that was found to be infested. With bed bugs making the news with increasing frequency, its no wonder that many parents are feeling the stress of worrying about the possibility of experiencing a bed bug infestation in their own home. If you are one of these concerned parents, the following strategies can help you reduce the risk and keep your family safe and healthy. 

Use mattress covers and be diligent about laundering bedding

As the name suggests, bed bugs are attracted to places where people sleep. This is because the adult insects feed on human blood at night, while the person is asleep. Adult bed bugs along with their eggs and larvae often remain hidden in bedding or inside mattresses and other upholstered objects. A good strategy to help prevent bed bugs from infesting the beds in your home is to use mattress covers that are specifically designed to keep bed bugs from coming into contact with the mattress.  In addition, laundering bedding frequently in hot water and then drying it in a hot dryer is also a good preventative strategy. 

Avoid bringing pre-owned upholstered items into the home

Families who enjoy shopping for bargains at yard sales, auctions or second-hand stores, as well as those who like to bring home unwanted free furniture that is being given away may be unknowingly putting their family at risk of a bed bug infestation. If any of these pieces of furniture came from an infested home, there will likely be adult bed bugs, eggs, or larvae concealed within the upholstered parts of the furniture. If you simply must have a piece of pre-owned upholstered furniture, keep it outside or in the garage until you have time to check it thoroughly for the presence of bed bugs. 

Opt for a periodic bed bug inspection

Families who have not yet experienced a bed bug infestation may not feel confident in identifying bed bugs correctly. To overcome this problem, families who feel worried about finding bed bugs in their home should consider having a professional bed bug inspection performed as soon as possible. Licensed bed bug exterminators can examine your home for signs of an infestation and if any are found, can help you decide on an appropriate, effective treatment option. 

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