Expand Marketing By Hiring A Property Management Company For Your Rental

Posted on: 19 June 2018

While you may have rented out your home several times, you may be determined to reduce how long it takes to get people interested in the rental so that applications start coming in. While you may invest a lot of your free time into marketing efforts, you may not have enough knowledge or experience about property marketing to make improvements upon your initial results.

Hiring a property management company is a reliable way to solve this problem because they can invest all their proven methods into marketing your rental and minimizing vacancy lengths.

Social Media

As a landlord and investor with a single property, you may not find it worthwhile to make a social media account that revolves around the only rental that you manage. However, a property management company will have a large collection of properties that they manage. This makes it worthwhile to invest in creating a powerful social media presence within the local area.

When you put your rental in the hands of a property manager, you can expect them to use their social media influence to market your property because it can attract potential applicants.

Virtual Tour

While looking around at the competition, you may notice that a few properties provide virtual tours of units or single-family homes to provide a thorough tour without seeing it in person. You can hire a property manager that will put in the effort to set up a virtual tour for your rental.

This is ideal when you intend on having a long-term relationship with the property management company because they will continue to use the virtual tour for marketing during vacancies.


Although anyone can put up a sign outside that states their property is for rent, you can rely on property managers using the font types, sizes, and colors that are known for being successful. You want to avoid a situation in which people cannot easily read the text when driving by. If your home is on a busy street, a legible sign will be read by hundreds or thousands of people daily.


When you market your property online you know you will capture a large audience, but some people only look through the newspaper when they are interested in a rental home. A property management company can expand your rental marketing by putting well-written ads in the local newspaper.

Expanding your rental's marketing is easy when you hire a property manager. Visit sites like https://www.rcpmco.com/ for more information.