House Not Selling? What To Ask Yourself To Help Generate Interest

Posted on: 18 June 2018

You have probably envisioned things happening quite differently when you started the process of listing your home for sale. You pictured having to select between multiple offers, negotiate with buyers, and potentially sell your home before you find your next one. The reality of the situation may be that you haven't been able to find a buyer after several months on the market. Here are some things to ask yourself that can help generate interest in a home.

Are There Issues With The Home? 

There are some things that many home buyers will consider a deal breaker, with one of those things being potential repairs. Unless buyers are actively looking for a fixer-upper, they want to find a home that is ready to move into the day they get the keys. What they do not want is a home that has many major items that need to be repaired. Even if the repairs are minor, problems are enough to cause a buyer to walk away and find another home.

You should be the person to make changes to the plumbing, roof, electrical wiring, or structure itself if there are things wrong with it. It will prevent a buyer from noticing these things on their own and not making an offer because of them.

Is The Home Priced Right?

There are many factors that go into a price that can make it attractive to buyers, so ask yourself if the home is priced right. For instance, you may have your home listed for over $310,000, causing anybody that searched for homes with an upper limit of $300,000 to not even see the house in search results.

You should also consider lowering the price of the home if it has not generated interest. Dropping the price will show up on real estate search sites, and it can reignite interest in your by someone that otherwise passed on it.

It is also important to perform an analysis of other homes in the area to figure out if yours is listed at a comparable price. By finding a few homes that have recently sold with a similar square footage and layout can make it easy to figure out how much you should be listing your home for.

These are just a few reasons why your home may not be selling. For more insight, work with a real estate agent that can let you know what is wrong with the home and make changes.