4 Things You Need To Know About Buying A New Construction Home

Posted on: 18 June 2018

For many prospective home buyers, purchasing a new construction home is preferable--and for a number of good reasons. When you buy a brand new home for sale, you get to enjoy knowing that you're the first and only person to have lived within its walls. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that all the home's major components (including the HVAC, roofing, and appliances) are brand new!

Still, if you're in the market to buy a new construction home, there are a few things you should know before you dive in.

Not All Builders Are Created Equal

Before you even begin looking at new construction homes in-person, it's a good idea to do some research on local home builders. After all, no two builders are the same in terms of their offerings or their reputations. Reading up on reviews for local home builders and even speaking one-on-one with people who have worked directly with these builders in the past are both great ways to get a better feel for which builders you may want to work with and which you may want to avoid.

You'll Still Want to Schedule an Inspection

The biggest mistake you can make when buying a new construction home is foregoing the final home inspection before closing. Yes, a new construction home is brand new, but that doesn't mean it's impossible for problems to exist. Mistakes can be made during construction, and an inspection will shed light on even the smallest of problems so you can have them corrected by the builder before you close. 

You May Need to Register Appliances for Warranties

New construction homes generally come with most (or all) appliances included but keep in mind that you may need to register each of your appliances in order to activate their warranties. You should be able to do this by mailing in the warranty registration card that came with each appliance or going to the manufacturer's website and entering your specific model numbers.

A Real Estate Agent Can Still Benefit You

Finally, don't think that because you're buying a brand new home, you don't need a real estate agent's help. A real estate agent can work with the builder to make sure you're getting the best deal and can walk you through the often complex closing process, so it's always a good idea to work with one of these knowledgeable real estate professionals!