Are You Trying To Sell Your House?

Posted on: 16 June 2018

Is your company moving you to a different location? Perhaps you have decided that you want to move your family to a new city, or even to live out in the country. For whatever reason you are moving, you are more than likely also trying to sell the house you are living in presently, which can be challenging, especially if you have kids still living at home. After all, maintaining a house that looks picture perfect for strangers to look out can be pretty daunting. Still, you know you have to face the fact that the faster you sell your house the better. From getting rid of excess stuff to arranging for home staging services, here are some ideas that might help keep selling your house from being quite as hard as you thought it would be.

Your Job

Of course, going through your house to get rid of things you and your family members no longer want or need is a given. The same goes for cleaning your house. It's no big news that it should be so clean that you might even wish you were staying in it rather than selling it.

However, have you given some thought about what you will be doing with the things you get rid of? Consider asking friends and neighbors to come on over to your house to see if they want any of your belongings. Let them know that the things are totally free and that those who take them will actually be doing you a big favor. Think about calling a donation charity to arrange for a pickup the very day that you have set aside for finishing up your cleaning and organizing. 

Stager's Job

Once you have thoroughly de-junked your house and made it look sparkly clean, consider asking a professional stager to get the house ready for others to look at. The stager has the experience to know what will appeal to those who are interested in buying a new home.

For example, you might be very proud of your collection of china dishes. However, if those dishes make your house look cluttered, the stager might suggest that you put them away until you can use them in your new house. Don't be surprised if the stager brings in items that aren't really part of your house.

For instance, the home staging service might bring in an attractive hall table just to make the entryway to your house look more inviting. Paying for a stager's services might be some of the best money you'll ever spend.