Meeting Potential Real Estate Agents? Here Is What You Can Expect

Posted on: 15 June 2018

If you looking to get rid of your home quickly and for the right price, you are better off working with a real estate agent. They can help navigate the challenging world of the real estate market for you and take care of all the difficult parts of selling a home. Here is what you can expect when meeting a potential real estate agent to sell your home.

Plan To Meet At Your House

It doesn't make much sense to meet a real estate agent at their office or a nearby coffee shop. You should meet at your home that you are planning to sell. This gives you an opportunity to tell the agent more about the home, give them a formal tour, and tell them about features that you think could be highlighted when showing the property. This will give the real estate agent a great idea of what they will be working with before moving forward with signing a contract.

Plan To Negotiate About Commission

Know that a listing real estate agent works for you, and you will be paying them a commission for the sale. Part of that commission is split with the buyer's real estate agent for helping with the home's sale on their end. The terms of working with a real estate agent are completely negotiable.

Some real estate agents may decide to be competitive and offer a lower commission for the home's sale in order to get the house. This may be possible if they think the home will sell quickly or if it is a seller's market and current inventory in your area is low.

If you've yet to find your new home, you could also negotiate a lower commission by using the agent as your buying agent as well. Since the sale of both homes will come together at the same time, it is practically two guaranteed sales for the agent.

Plan To Listen To Their Advice

Any real estate agent you meet will likely give you advice for what it will take to sell the home. This may be based on trends they are seeing in the market or based on previous experiences with home selling. Do not ignore their suggestions, and really take them into consideration. Things like suggestions to paint a room a new color, reduce clutter, and work on your home's curb appeal can all have a big impact on quickly selling your home once it is listed for sale.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for real estate agents to help you sell or buy single family homes south in your area.