Benefits Of Having Happy Tenants And Ways To Make Them Happy

Posted on: 14 June 2018

As a new landlord, you might not realize what a difference it makes with your rental properties when you have happy tenants versus tenants who might be disgruntled or angry. Happy tenants in your units will make your job as a landlord easier, and it will help your business become more profitable. Here are the benefits you can receive if you have happy tenants, along with some ways you can keep your tenants happy.

Benefits of Happy Tenants

If you compare the way happy tenants and angry tenants act and care for their properties, you will see a huge difference. Tenants who have landlords who care about them and do all they can to make sure the units are in great shape and problems are fixed quickly tend to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • They take better care of their apartments
  • They do not complain as much
  • They get along with their neighbors
  • They pay their rent on time
  • They do not destroy or damage their apartments or the surroundings
  • They give you notice when moving out
  • They do not break the rules

While every happy tenant might not have all these characteristics, most will. If you have happy tenants, you can be assured that you will have less work to handle with the properties, and they will pay you their monthly rental payments on time.

Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Keeping your tenants happy is really not that hard to do, and here are some of the best ways you can do this:

  • Upgrade the units regularly and modernize them as you go
  • Fix repairs quickly whenever they are needed
  • Address all the issues they have in a timely manner
  • Avoid major spikes in rental amounts

These are some of the best things you can do for your tenants and doing these things will make them happier. Happier tenants tend to move less frequently, which means you are likely to have fewer vacant units in the future, and this is one of the best reasons you should take this issue seriously if you are a landlord.

While your main job is not to please your tenants, taking the time to do things that will make them happy will make your job a lot easier. If you need help with this, you may want to hire a full service property management company to assist you with these types of tasks.