The Millennial Home Buyer: What Home Sellers Can Do To Attract This Demographic

Posted on: 12 June 2018

When preparing to list their home for sale, sellers often want to learn more about their potential buyers so that they can help ensure that their home will appeal to them. This is why many home sellers today are interested in learning about the millennial demographic and the specific features and amenities these young buyers are hoping to find when looking at single-family homes.

This is smart in light of the fact that millennial buyers, those under the age of 35, experienced the greatest increase of any age group in the rate of homeownership in the last quarter of 2017 and this trend is expected to continue. If you are preparing your home for sale and want to be sure that it will be appealing to the huge millennial home buying demographic, these tips can help. 

Smart home features

The millennial home buyer is the most technologically advanced ever. Most received exposure to smartphones, tablets, streaming entertainment options, and gaming devices throughout their formative years, both at home and at school. Sellers who want to appeal to these buyers should take action to make sure their home offers excellent internet access throughout the home, along with at least some form of smart home technology, such as smart climate control and home security features. 

Better finishes 

Millennial buyers also want to enjoy a home that offers modern, attractive finishes. Premium counter tops, such as concrete, quartz, or engineered stone are in demand, as is quality, solid surface flooring that will be easy to maintain. 

Flexible spaces 

Many millennials spend their college and young adult years in small, urban apartments that are convenient and inexpensive to rent. Because of this many of them want the home they purchase to offer flexible, generous spaces. Outside the walls of the home, many of these buyers are hoping to find large yards for recreation and gardening, along with outside living areas to make outdoor family meals and entertaining more enjoyable. 

Inside the home, millennial buyers enjoy finding spaces that can be used for multiple purposes, such as a room that can be a formal dining room when needed and easily converted to a home office for everyday use. Millennials also enjoy large kitchens where couples can cook together easily, with plenty of space, while also helping a child with homework or entertaining friends. 

For more ideas to help you prepare you home before listing, sellers should consider asking their listing agent to visit their home and offer suggestions. Experienced, successful listing agents understand what buyers want to find and how to help their sellers meet buyer expectations and get their homes sold.