Buying A Luxury Home On The Water? Consider These 4 Things

Posted on: 12 June 2018

Are you ready to buy your dream home that is located on the water? If so, you may not realize some changes that will have to be made by getting the spectacular view. Consider these things before you purchase waterfront property.

1. Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe

Do you have kids, especially toddlers, that will be spending a lot time outdoors? You'll want to make sure that they are safe around the water. The best way to do this is to enclose your backyard with a fence with a handle that locks or is out of reach. If you prefer the unobstructed view of the water from inside your home, you'll need to take other steps. For instance, installing a security system that alerts you when the doors are opened so that you can catch a child sneaking outside, or childproofing the doors.

2. Know How High The Water Can Rise

One thing you should know when buying a home on the water and how high the water level can get. You do not want to be misled about how big your backyard is, only to find out that you've purchased the home when water levels are at their lowest. It's possible that water levels will rise and make your usable backyard space notably smaller. You do not want to make the mistake of building anything on your property that will be underwater at some point during the year.

3. Understand Your Waterfront Privacy

Some waterfront properties provide a completely private backyard. That means that the land is your all the way up to the water, and nobody is allowed to walk up along the water to get to your property. Other homes have public access to the water. They may not be allowed to walk next to your home to get to the water, but nothing is stopping people from jogging on the beach and seeing your backyard.

Make sure you understand what type of privacy your property has when it comes to the view of the water. You may or may not be allowed to construct a barrier to stop people from wandering back there.

4. Be Prepared For Colder Temperatures

Living on the water does mean that the temperature around your home will feel cooler than living inland. This can cause colder temperatures, which may or may not be more desirable for you. Summer temperatures may be perfect, but the winter could be unbearable.

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