Tips To Sell A Home With Pets

Posted on: 11 June 2018

It can be stressful selling a home under any circumstances, but having pets can make it even more difficult. Although you may be an animal lover, not all buyers feel the same. Even fellow pet owners can be wary of homes that have animals in them, simply because they are afraid there may be hidden damage. The following tips can make selling a home easier while not putting too much stress on your furry friend.

Tip #1: Arrange for spur-of-the-moment daycare

You do not want to leave your pets at home when the house is being shown. Not only can this be off-putting to buyers, it can be dangerous for your pet. Your pet may become stressed with strangers in the home, which can lead him to lash out or even attempt to escape through an open door. This may not be a problem if there is always someone home that can take the pet for a walk or a ride in the car when a realtor schedules a showing. Otherwise, you need a contingency plan. You can make arrangements with a family member or neighbor to pick up the pet when a last-minute showing is scheduled. Another option is to invest in a daycare service for your pet when you can't be home, at least while the house is on the market.

Tip #2: Deep clean the home

Non-pet owners can almost always smell animals in a house, even if you keep a clean home and have a well-groomed pet. To cut down on this issue, have all carpets and soft furnishings—including drapes and upholstery—professionally shampooed. Hard surfaces, like flooring and walls, should be washed with an odor-neutralizing cleanser. After cleaning the home thoroughly, consider cutting down on your pet's range within the home while it is on the market. It is much easier to quickly clean one or two rooms before a showing than try to rid the entire house of pet fur and odors. Also, use home deodorizers, such as charcoal pads, under areas where your pet spends lots of time. For example, if your dog likes to sleep on the couch, a charcoal pad beneath a blanket will absorb pet odors. When it is time for a showing, you can scoop up the pad and blanket for an instantly clean couch.

Tip #3: Have a plan

Finally, have a plan for showings. Keep all pet accoutrements, like litter boxes, food, and toys, in a single tub or basket. When the call comes that a showing is on it's way, you can toss everything in the tub and put it in your trunk. Or, you can put the lid on the tub to seal in any odors and set it in the garage. Also, keep the out-of-house needs, like a leash or pet carrier, near the door. This way it only takes moments to get your pet ready to leave. A quick vacuum and sweep to remove any pet hair, followed by spraying an odor neutralizer, and your home will be ready to show.