2 Benefits Of Hiring A Realtor For Your Next Home Purchase

Posted on: 9 June 2018

Buying a home is an important decision that can affect the life you and your family experience during the time you live in the home. The price you pay for a home can affect your budget over the upcoming years. As you begin the search and make this important decision, having a hired professional there to help you can make all the difference to get you a great home at a fair price. Here are some reasons you should hire a real estate agent to help you buy your next home.

Your Realtor's Buyer-Agency Agreement Protects Your Interests

One of the first aspects of hiring a realtor is the protection you get from them, as they are a legal agent working for you. And this protection begins as soon as you sign a buyer-aagency agreement. Your realtor has a fiduciary duty to look out after your interests and put them before their own. For example, they cannot only show you higher-priced homes in order to earn a higher commission from the sale.

Be sure you review the buyer-agency contract to ensure you understand all your rights outlined and how long the contract is good for. You can list a specific time frame for the contract to be in effect, such as for one week, three months, or one year. Then, as long as you buy a home within that time, your realtor will work for you and your interests.

Your Realtor Will Recommend Inspections and Investigations

As soon as you have made an offer on a property with the help of your realtor, you will need to have the property inspected to look for any problems or potential problems that may exist in it. This can include such serious and expensive problems as a sinking foundation, radon gas located within the lot of the home, failing septic system, or extensive termite damage within the home's structure and framing. Many of these problems you or your realtor won't be able to discover on your own during your tour and walk-through of the house.

Your realtor will know which tests are recommended in the area and for the home, and these will need to be completed within a specific time frame before you close on escrow to purchase the home. Specific tests can check for lead paint, asbestos or dry rot, in addition to a full home inspection to check the home's systems and components. Make sure you talk to your realtor so you can arrange for each of these inspections to be completed by the home inspection deadline as outlined in the purchase contract.

If you're looking at houses for sale, don't hesitate to hire a realtor to help you.