Buying In A Cold Climate? Focus On Home Features That Help With Handling Snow

Posted on: 6 June 2018

Living in a cold climate means that you will experience snow during wintertime. Some cities have a light dusting of snow that sticks around for a few weeks while other places get heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures that last for months. If you know that you are moving to an area that has lasting snow, you should prioritize certain features while house hunting to handle the snow.


The way that your driveway is set up will play a huge role in how well you are able to manage the snow. For instance, having a narrow driveway without any landscaping on either side will make it challenging to remove the snow. This means that you will want to look for properties with grass on either side because you will have an easier time shoveling the snow out of the way.

A wide enough driveway may prevent you from having to remove all the snow. You may be able to push it to one side and still get in and out with your vehicle. This can save you a lot of time when you need to leave quickly or want to get inside if it snows while you are away from home.


Having a garage is helpful as a homeowner because it will give you a place to park your vehicle without snow coverage. This will keep you from waking up to seeing your car covered in snow and having to clean it all off before you are able to head out to work or to run errands.


While you may love going out into the backyard when there is no snow covering the yard, you can still enjoy this space when you get a covered patio. It may be a little cold, but you can get patio heaters or even add a fire pit that can provide considerable warmth during winter. A covered patio will prevent you from having to shovel any snow to enjoy the whole space.


Many decks are not covered, but you will find that decks are easy for removing snow. When the deck is at a decent elevation, all you need to do is shove the snow off the edge. A clean deck may not provide the same functionality as a covered patio during wintertime, but you can still enjoy going outside for a beautiful view or to socialize over hot drinks with family and friends.

When you make it a priority to get some or all these features, you should have no problem keeping snow from being an issue as a homeowner. For more information, search real estate experts in your area.